Tweet Out with the old, in with the new. Here is the problem in today’s political climate. The media and the political establishment do not understand how the mind of our President works. They are indoctrinated into the world of politics. NEWSFLASH! Donald Trump IS NOT A POLITICIAN. He is a businessman. His mind works […]

Tweet Interesting title, isn’t it? We have entered a stage in history where individuals feel that they are no longer personally responsible and accountable for their actions. Their first inclination when something negative happens to them, is to blame someone else. People are not inclined to hold themselves accountable for their actions. If they screw […]

Tweet Even though I have no obligation, I’d like to address the allegations one Stephen Hall has made against me. So, For The Record….. Mr. Hall was temporarily suspended from TE RACING LEAGUE for violation of TERMS OF SERVICE, section 1.3. Mr. Hall submitted a site that contained an ‘exit pop-up’ which is not allowed. […]

Tweet “It’s not fair!” Seems to be the norm these days. I can’t go a single day without hearing that phrase.(Not including Donald Trump on every news media outlet). Let me go ahead and let everyone in on a little secret… LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!! Get the fuck over it!!! Especially if you are ‘trying’ […]

Tweet “url problem” “can’t login” “fix now” Just to name a few. Seriously!! This is what some people write when they submit a support ticket. Do they actually think they are going to get support when they put only two words in the ticket? Do they think we are fucking clairvoyant or something? Here’s a […]

Tweet This is something I cannot emphasize enough. Your hosting and site availability can make or break you. So there are definitely some things you have to take into consideration before you choose your hosting provider. TYPE OF SITE: Is it a blog? Is it a Traffic Exchange? Is it a Mailer? The amount of […]

Tweet So let me get straight to the point. You SUCK!! I’ve said this before, and some of you have probably heard me rant about this a time or two before. But seriously people, if you take a few moments to get familiar with the site you are on, you can save yourself a whole […]

Tweet …You have to wear shades??? WTF??? Ok, seriously. Why do all these jackwagons out there insist on using a picture of themselves wearing sunglasses? To make it even worse, when they get up on camera in a conference, they are still wearing sunglasses. “You’re inside, take the fuckers off!!” First of all, when you […]

Tweet I’ve noticed a certain trend happening lately in the TE Community. Individuals unlawfully using copyrighted material or personalities without getting permission. How do I know they aren’t getting permission? It doesn’t take a fucking genius to know that Matthew Perry would not give permission to use his image on a splash page in our […]